Hello, how lovely to meet you!

I’m a natural channel/medium who uses tarot and a vast storehouse of symbolic knowledge to find the answers and guidance you seek.

I was raised in an environment which encouraged the development of my gifts and furtherance of my metaphysical education, resulting in more than 40 years of study in these fields.  I graduated from a religious university where my main focus was on psychology and sociology.  From these studies, I discovered that modern psychology was missing an important aspect – the aspect of Spirit.

My mission is to help the total individual ~ body, mind and spirit. My mission is to help people live the dream.


Dreams are an important part of our existence; from the dreams we have in our sleep to the dreams we have in our hearts, dreams shape our lives and help co-create our destinies.

Sometimes we forget what our dreams are: the alarm clock of our lives startles us into a panicked wakefulness, and in our confusion we take on the dreams of others, losing sight of who we actually are and what we really dream of doing, who we really dream of being. To live the dream, we must first remember what our dreams truly are.

For over 30 years, I have professionally counseled, written, lectured and taught classes on the subjects of metaphysics, magick and world mythology/religion. I have experience in both group work and the path of the solitary practitioner. I am also an accomplished aromatherapist, incense maker, musician and Reiki healer. I share my home with several ghosts, and have decades of experience in paranormal investigation.

I feel honored that you have chosen me to help you rediscover your true dreams and start living them again.