Summer Solstice

Happy Summer Solstice!!!

This Sabbat marks the first day of summer, and is dedicated to the Sun King in all his guises. This is the height of the flowering summer-time, when the fruits hang heavy and the buzzings of insects are in the air. Although this is the first day of summer, many refer to this Sabbat as Midsummer. In seasonal myth, this is the time when the Sun God is at his sexual peak; I feel that this Sabbat is symbolic of the consummation of the marriage between the God and Goddess. This time represents the peak of life energies, but life is a cycle, and as it peaks it also begins to wane. The solstices and equinoxes are the yearly waxing and waning of the sun, similar to the lunar cycles that occur monthly. The Young King has reached maturity; he is old enough to be a father. The impregnation of the Maiden transforms her into the aspect of the Mother, and the Young King is on his way to becoming the Old King. To me, this is a holiday of both joy and sadness; simultaneously, I am filled with the exhilaration that is young adulthood and the melancholy that comes with wisdom and loss of childhood.

Today also marks the start of the Zodiacal sign of Cancer, the Moonchild.  I find it interesting that at the height of the Sun’s power, the only sign of the zodiac which is ruled by the Moon makes its entrance!  Again though, look at the beauty of the wheel of the year – as the Godforce gains maturity and wisdom marked by the zenith of the Sun on Summer Solstice, the gentle, intuitive and nurturing sign of Cancer lends its energies to the SunKing to ease his transition.

Fire is the focal point of the holiday. I like to harness the energies of fire on the Summer Solstice with a large party around the barbecue grill – I hope that you’ll be enjoying the same! 🙂

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