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A Festive Yule to You!

In seasonal myth, the Winter Solstice is the time when the Old King is dead, and the Young King has not yet been born; for this reason, some religions will place the seasonal emphasis upon the God aspect. Once again, I must stress that it takes two to create, and therefore I feel that a Goddess aspect must be recognized as well. The Druids realized this need, and paid homage to the Crone at this time.

The Crone is a fitting aspect for the Goddess in the winter season. During Yule, we pray for the rebirth of the sun (son), and who better to assist with the birth than the aspect of the Midwife? The Crone is the patroness of the winter season – remember, she is Goddess of death and rebirth – her recognition during the dark of the moon is but a reflection of this fact.

Yule is also the season that forces us to look within our selves, due to the cold weather and long nights; this is something for which we should give thanks. We are never given enough time in our lives to examine our minds, our thoughts and feelings and to appreciate ourselves for who we really are as people, Nature gives us an entire season in which to do this.

There are several ways to celebrate Yule, it simply depends on which aspect of the season you wish to place your emphasis. If you wish to bring back the sun from its winter hiding place, burn a single, consecrated log overnight and give the sun your energies. Because winter is such a social season, you may want to do something-that is a little more involved and festive, like a seasonal reenactment or mystery play.

Happy Holidays and best wishes for a wondrous New Year!!! 🙂