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I’m here each day and available for live chat consultations as my schedule and Spirit allow. Just click on the “Chat Room” tab on the right hand side of the screen and enter your information. If I am otherwise engaged at that time, you can send an email to me directly through the chat window and I’ll respond as soon as possible. Once we connect, simply choose the session length of your choice and click the “pay now” button below.

I offer three types of consultations: Live Chat, Email and my new feature, the Weekly Outlook.


Sometimes all we need is a brief “check-in” with Spirit to ensure our lives are on the right track or to help validate recent experiences. The quick consultation does just that: in less than 20 minutes, we can work together to discover insights and answers to keep your life flowing and full of purpose!


This 30 minute session is perfect for those getting a reading for the first time, or for anyone who has a few questions/concerns that they’d like to examine in greater detail.


Need more in-depth information, or have a multitude of questions? Lasting up to 45 minutes, the full session will provide the time we need to get to the heart of all matters.

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I also offer the same quality consultations via email. This is a convenient method to use if you’re always on the go. Order your email reading today, and receive wisdom that you can ponder at your leisure over and over again!

To purchase an email consultation, click the “pay now” button below. Once I receive payment confirmation, I’ll send an email with further instructions. Email consultations are usually performed and delivered within 24 hours of ordering.

Email Consultation

Feel free to contact me if you need further instruction or information. I look forward to hearing from you!