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That Spring Clean Feeling

spring cleaning meditation


With the season now at its halfway mark, many of us have already addressed the rituals and responsibilities of “Spring Cleaning”: we’ve planted seeds and blessed our homes, preparing mind and spirit for the coming year.  Some of us, however, just pulled the covers over our heads or ran outside to play.  Even those of us with the best spiritual intentions have left the mop, pail and duster by the wayside as we tended to our Higher Selves; Why even bother to clean, streamline and organize when the days are so beautiful?

Because “cleanliness is next to godliness”.  Is this true? You bet it is, and here’s why:

Clean Things make us Shine: Realize that matter is nothing but energy vibrating at a lower rate; each Thing has energies all its own, and can either strengthen us or drain us in some way.  Dirt, grime and clutter all contribute toward the ‘draining’ end of the spectrum, whereas Things which are bright, shining and clean help to lift our spirits when their energies mingle with our own.

Our home is our World:  In dream interpretation, it is believed houses represent states of mind: examine your surroundings carefully, see if they correspond with your current mindset and energy flow.  If you don’t care for the state of things within yourself or your surroundings, it can be easily changed through the process of cleaning/cleansing.  Remember the old Hermetic axiom: “as above, so below – as below, so above”….by clearing and arranging things on a physical level, we are also able to address internal spiritual, mental and emotional clutter that may be preventing us from seeing the Big Picture or allowing us to perfectly access our own inner powers/strengths.

Cleaning gives us better energy flow:  Physics teaches us an object in motion tends to remain in motion – as we clean, we move; the more we move, the more we keep moving and the more our own energy flows.  As we streamline and clear away the clutter, the vibration of the home flows more freely as well, encountering fewer objects or obstacles in its path.  Those it does encounter will only lend their upbeat, shining vibrations to the flow!

You see, as we tend to our homes and our creations, we are emulating the Creator of All Things – controlling the flow around us, while loving and bringing out the best in everything we touch.

May your inner and outer worlds continue to sparkle!

Happy Spring!!!


Some call this. Sabbat “Ostara”, a name which echoes in the origins of Christianity’s Easter. No matter the title, the symbolism is essentially the same, for this is the first day of spring.

This is the fertility festival of vegetation – everything is once again green with new life, and swelling with unopened blooms and the promise that is to come. Babylonians recognize it as the new year; Greeks held the Festival of Dionysus at this time, and the Romans had their Lupercalia. The Christians’ “last fling” of Shrove Tuesday is Paganism’s “first fling”, celebrating the “light” half of the year.

The Sabbat of the Spring Equinox is used to honor the Maiden Goddess aspect, and the Young King who feels First Love. It is a good time to plant seeds, symbolic of new beginnings. It is also a good time to start working on any long-term goals that you may have. Milk, flowers, honey cakes and decorated eggs are offered to the God and Goddess on this day.

May the seeds you plant this season flourish and bear wonderful fruits! 🙂