Weekly Outlook

Have you ever wondered what was happening a few days in advance but didn’t have the time for a reading?  Now you can find out what influences await you as each day unfolds, delivered right to your inbox!

Introducing the “Weekly Outlook” tarot reading – great for busy schedules and planning events!

Have an upcoming business trip?  See which days give you the most leverage and personal power – and which days it may be wise to keep your mouth shut!

Planning a vacation?  The Weekly Outlook can show you the best days to choose your activities….or have a romantic interlude 🙂

It’s a real value at only $70 per week – choose four weeks and pay only $60 – that’s less than $10 a reading!

When ordering, please include your DOB and start date of your outlook – if you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Weekly Outlook Options

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